Chaumont Festival
Every year in May, the small city of Chaumont hosts Graphic designers and students who are interested in participating in an important graphic design event in France. The fame of Chaumont stems from two matters .Firstly, it is the place where hunters room different corners of Europe come to hunt. Secondly, the international festival of Graphic design & Poster is held there. All stores in the city such as supermarkets, barbers, butcher shops and bakeries hang the festival posters on their windows. All over the city the festival posters are hung on special stands. There are students and graphic designers everywhere in the city. They Browse the accompanying exhibitions of the Festival in church, the grand hotel of the city, garage, etc. Thanks to the festival of Graphic Design, th city becomes very livelyand happy during that week. The Chaumont Festival is held in two parts: for professional and for students. They are of quite the same value. This year, the 20th Festival is going to be held and this is why the title of the competition fr students is “Being Twenty”.

Every year, a competition is held for students entitled “students! All head for Chaumont”. This competition consists of two parts, one is the main competition for students and the other is a three-day workshop withvarious subjects. The subjects of both competitions for students this year are “Being Twenty”. Being twenty is the most important concern for everyone in their lives, passing from childhood and adolescence to adulthood and from emotional and material dependency to a wide look at the future in order to reach existential independency. This is why the festival wants the students to present their experience about being twenty in the form of poster design.

There is a simple, yet complicated question: what is being twenty like today, what was it like yesterday and what will it be like in the future? The participants in this competition must be students of graphic design from private or state art schools, universities or techno-vocational schools who have registered this year. The idea of organizing an intensive workshop for the students’ part this year was initiated by Amrollah Farhadi (founder of Vije School) in his talks with Pierre Bernard while the latter was visiting Tehran’s exhibition and workshop. The supervisory and artistic committee in this festival consists of Pierre Bernard, Vincent Perottet, Alex Jordan and Etienne Bernard.

To this end, Vije School of visual communication (VSVC) in Tehran decided to hold a workshop in this relation. The workshop was led by Majid Abbasi in ten three-hour session. 26 students took part in this workshop and displayed their experience in the form of poster design. The above-mentioned workshop emphasized the presentation of concepts which would be closer to the subject of the exhibition although each student’s technique in presenting the form was of great significance. Students had to develop any idea , which was confirmed by the instructor, to do the poster design. Each student’s personal capabilities, concerning performance technique, form and concept, had some special significance in a way that, now, the result of their efforts evidently express this claim.

Eventually, three works were elected by the judging panel consisting of Ebrahim Haghighi, Mostafa Assadollahi, Alireza Mostafazadeh, Farhad Fozouni and Aria Kasaie. Which will be sent to the festival in May 2009 under theaegis of Vije Schooland their sponsers. In addition to these three, seven others, as the second select group, will participate in the twentieth Festival workshop which are led by international designers. The purpose of this class was not approving or disapproving of the presented works; it emphasized the work and process of design done by the students. Vije School, having held a very successful course , is glad to send the complete results of this round to the festival to be presented sfter selection by the Evaluating Panelof the 29th festival this year. For mre information on Chaumont see the following address.