Vije Students Slated to Compete in Chaumont
In a confirmation letter sent to the School by the Festival it has been stated: “We are pleased to inform you that posters by 11 of your students have been selected during the pre-selection stage of the Festival held in March for the student competition and exhibition at Chaumont. The exhibition will commence on Saturday, May 16 and will run for one month.”

While congratulating all those selected, the Festival has formally invited the students to attend its opening ceremony. It should be noted that works by 27 Vije students attending Majid Abbasi’s “Chaumont Poster Design” workshop in Winter had been initially reviewed by a jury comprising renowned Iranian graphic design artists Ebrahim Haghighi, Mostafa Assadollahi, Aria Kasaei and Farhad Fozouni. 10 of the students selected will be attending the Festival in May sponsored by Vije School and Staedtler Iran.

Names of the Selected Vije students are as follows:

1.Sepideh Honarmand
2.Golnaz Esmaili
3.Saber Javanmard
4.Maryam Karbasi
5.Ghazal Pourshaban
6.Ala Jazayeri
7.Samira Adilipour
8.Behrooz Sharifi
9.Mina Mohebati
10.Ali Mirazimi
11.Fatemeh Lalehkhah